5 December 2013

This is what I love about photography, capturing moments that probably can be repeated, but the first one will be rewarded. When someone got an eye, he's got it. He can see what others fail to see. And discovering a work of such scarcity is sort of like winning a little lottery.

I recently bumped into a tumblr blog of photography (I only check CRFashionBook in a regular basis. Somehow some tumblr page is lack of originality due to the reblog feature, and in spite of many creative individuals opening a tumblr page, I so far am tardy to find something new on tumblr), and what I saw, was pure geniality. The main concept is so simple and for many of us unthinkable, and that's why it's simply remarkable. Nothing like it. Or at least as I am aware of.

The tumblr page contains a series of genius juxtaposition of two ruling forces on the internet these days. Men, and cats. Men, the sexy ones, have become a medium of amusement for long time. Some are adorned devotedly merely by being cute or hot, despite lack of talents whatsoever. Some others, work really hard they got attention and affection they deserve. The later, the cats. These fluffy quadruped creatures have saturated any platform available on the internet, from Facebook (yes, an entire page dedicated to a cat, as if it were a celebrity or politician), Youtube (some people call Youtube nowadays as 'CatChannel'), Instagram (endless possibility), and so on. Unlike dogs with their reknown unconditional love, cats relatively can't be controlled, doing only if they like, and extremely lazy, and for some people, that's the persona. The similarity with men? The C factor. Cuteness.

The resemblance is simply amazing! Many sites call these comparison as a quandary, but if you ask me which one is cuter, it's like you ask me which leg I prefer. Like to love or to be loved. You can't choose. You just can not.

Hover your mouse (or finger tip) to Des Hommes et des Chatons (Men and Kittens) tumblr page for more heart-melting images like those.

Signorfandi, damn-I-did-not-think-about-it-first kind of moment...