21 January 2014

Haute Couture can not be readily bought in a store, but usually only with a personal appointment. The handmade dresses are produced singly in the normal case for each customer and then adapted in the atelier again.

Raf Simons sees this collection as something abstract, as he explained, and that he had focused on the idea of intimacy.

The most evident of this basic idea were Simons' two dresses that were seen in the first third of the collection: On the chest, an abstract, surrealist-looking photo print was mounted in rounded shape, delicately framed by intricate embroidery. It was intimate, as if he could grow again - Simons sculpted exploring the female persona with garments.

Raf Simons consistently pursued the idea of ​​intimacy or of insight into the soul of the wearer of a clothing piece: In almost every design in the collection he played with transparency, the concealing and revealing the female body. Some superimposed a transparent top a high-waisted skirt, then explicit network fabrics and delicate lace were used or a transparent material was inundated with applications graphically . The idea of ​​transparency was expressed both in substance and in its processing as well as the average of the individual garments.

He combined this so modern approach with classic silhouettes - including some as Christian Dior himself as its inventor applied. From H to A to Y line, almost all the classic silhouettes were present in the collection. Even more common Simons turned it slightly, added new elements, for example, by layering different pieces of fabric added or left hem lengths are shorter or longer, as it is traditionally used. As a contrast, he moved mainly in white and a dark navy blue.

Despite all the fashionable philosophy behind this thoughtful collection, Simons wants that his Haute Couture is worn - and in a very natural, self-evident manner, as he explained. "The wearer of these clothes doesn't need any 'couture pose' or something. It is enough if they simply as it is."

Signorfandi, the new couture...