22 January 2014

The auction house Artcurial Paris witnessed how couturier Julien Fournié brought the traditional savoir-faire of haute couture and blend it with futuristic colours, presenting his calm pastorial collection.

My Fave!

Photo: Yannis Vlamos/Totem Fashion

Working with material called Rhodoïd, a transparent incombustable cloth with advantages of resistance to ultraviolet radiation, superior adhesion, and so on, it seemed that the idea was futuristic for such traditional yet sacred couture. But it worked so well.

When other couturiers are showing clean couture collection driven by the demand of younger couture clientele, which, unlike their mothers or grandmothers, want something more modern, something approachable, Julien also seemed to get this, and jumped on this new couture wagon. Metallic pants was paired with a top entirely made of beads in various pastellic colours, low v-neck sweater also with excessive beads, or nude-coloured floor-lenght shimmering dress. Nothing was exagerrated. Every piece was masterfully made to create the pretty pieces. Such a fragile beauty, with the calm shades showing the romanticism and tranquility. The finale? A white bridal look with taro leaf-shaped neck and cloth stud button with chinese collar. All white. Even the nails of the bride.

The youngster-filled front row was happy seeing this. Traditional couture with a touch of modernism? Who's not craving for that?

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