28 January 2014

Oscar Carvallo gave me a bright bold colourful surprise on his spring/summer 2014 couture collection.

The choice of black shiny runway was perfect to showcase his collection. This time, Oscar Carvallo was inspired by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez to create beautiful colour blocking collection. In stripes of orange, green, yellow, and blue, with wide range of silhouettes from lady-like to armoured warrior, Oscar translated the  mesmerizing work of the artist; six paintings specially created for the collection. A series of fine jewellery reated by the artist compliment the looks in dazzling sensation.

Transforming women's body into walking piece of art, Oscar Carvallo didn't forget the importance of details. Every piece was masterfully crafted to fulfil his ideas of couture. A strong vision of colour palletes and movement, cinétique, this collection punctuates his brilliance in turning inspiration into clothing with immaculate craftsmanship.

Two bridal looks of black and white, perhaps proposing the balance of beauty, perfected the whole collections presented that night. Today a woman can be fragile and feminine, and tomorrow she's turning into a warrior goddess with stark enchanting aura.

Signorfandi, Bravo!