26 January 2014

OH. Due to fortunate misunderstanding of so knowledgable security person, I met Michael Russo BEFORE the show, right on the gate to backstage. But then, I explained that what I wanted was to find out the model flow, the route of the models down the runway, and he said, "Okay, so see you later."


But anyways, it was exciting not to go backstage before the show, to keep the adrenaline high (I probably wouldn´t cry during the show if I saw them beforehand).

So, after the sow, I went straight to backstage, easily, because of the generousity of Ralph Russo team.

My fave look! I L-O-V-E the black jcket!
Ibrahim, the super friendly man executed that wonderful work of the jacket

The jolie Julia...

I was too emotional to be able to do some interview, and besides, Tamara and Michael were surrounded by army of devouted clients and media. No wonder, since what they´ve just shown was WONDERFUL.

Signorfandi, it´s where the magic hiding!