6 August 2015

For A-list Hollywood celebrities, clothing option which will be worn for red carpet and award events can be infinite. So tight for such red carpet appearance competition it is, that many fashion houses would pay celebrities to wear them. Aside from short-term advertising, clothing worn by celebrities as they walk on red carpet give a sign that they have uniqueness that distinguishes their clothes, and it could build brand awareness. In some cases even, ambassadorship. If there is one celebrity who chose to wear clothes from a particular fashion house frequently, it deserves to be observed further.

My attention this time comes to Fan Bingbing. Chinese actress who recently penetrated the world of Hollywood appeared to be wearing creations of Ralph & Russo couture as many as ten times in time span of a little more than a year. It is unusual, given the fact that Ralph & Russo is not a Chinese brand, and Fan Bingbing is not a European. As a relatively new label, Ralph & Russo seems very confident with their aesthetic and vision to make every woman feel more beautiful and elegant, and this step is just brilliant: dressing asian superstar to reach far-east potential clientele.

So why does it matter?

Fan Bingbing is not an official ambassador of Ralph & Russo, and such loyaty in fashion/movie star relationship is rare. It's interesting how a British brand can be so desirable for Asian.

With no less than 45 feature films (including the blockbuster Iron Man 3 and X-Men: Days of Future Past) as well as 40 television series in her filmography, Fan Bingbing with her presence in any film festival or premiere screenings will always be a highlight, especially Fan Bingbing's outfit choice often makes the ranks of Best Dressed in various media.

Why did Fan Bingbing choose Ralph & Russo? For Indonesia, Fan Bingbing shared her thoughts about the label,

"Ralph & Russo: high glamor quotient with exquisite handiwork and absolutely exclusive. What's not to love!"

The designer, Tamara Ralph, felt Fan Bingbing is an on-point representation of the house.

"Few can blend high glamour with nonchalance as Fan Bingbing does.
Few also can pull off those sweeping couture trains!
But above all, it is her ability to make each and every look wholly her own that makes Fan Bingbing a true icon and a thrill to dress. "

Indeed, every couture client has the freedom to inject personal touch in every dress they choose, and each client is free to determine the elements that they prefer, for example, in terms of color, cut, dress length, as well as embroidery, making each couture gown unique and exclusive. Even though nothing could go wrong if you wear Ralph & Russo, for it's not something off the rack that you can just snap in seconds, it still requires certain attitude and demeanor to master the gown and not getting overshadowed by it.

Here's ten of Fan Bingbing's dazzling display of Ralph & Russo Couture.

Melbourne 16.05.2014
Australian premiere of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’
White silk crêpe tailored dress with embellished cape (S/S ‘14)

Beijing 19.09.2014
Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Gala
Off-white wool crêpe dress with diamond-patterned embellishment (F/W ‘14-15)

Beijing 04.12.2014
Press conference for the film 'Ever Since We Love'
Blush pink tailleur with rosette details (S/S ‘14)

Beijing 06.12.2014
Accepting ‘Woman of the Year’ at ‘Cheer-2015 iQiyi Awards’
Black silk zibeline embellished dress with tulip sleeves (F/W ‘14-15)

Beijing 10.12.2014
Accepting ‘10 Years Honourable Artiste’ at ‘Tudou Young Choice 2014 Awards’
Off-white wool crêpe tailleur with soft roll collar embellished jacket (F/W‘14-15)

Shanghai 12.12.2014
Moët & Chandon’s ‘Magic Flute Ball’
Crimson silk duchess gown with bustle train (F/W ‘14-15)

Cannes 13.05.2015
Opening ceremony of 68th Cannes Film Festival
Blush pink silk crêpe gown with crystal and metallic silk thread embroidery (Custom made)

Cannes 16.05.2015
15th Anniversary of Trophée Chopard
White silk crêpe fishtail gown with cascading silk organza and gazar ruffles (S/S ‘15)

Cannes 18.05.2015
Chopard Gold Party
White laser cutwork satin cocktail dress with wide off-shoulder collar (S/S ’15)

Beijing 22.07.2015
Premiere of ‘Lady of the Dynasty’
White guipure gown with silk crêpe cape and glass bead embellishment (S/S ’15)

Photo Courtesy of Ralph & Russo