21 July 2010

After hours and hours and hours sliding (literally) here there, going up-down (2 floors full of those Krimskrams) checking, picking, exchanging, fitting, tasting-they sell traditional snacks and cigar (!)- we went to the 3rd floor to have lunch. 

And these are what I got. So exotic...

-fried rice and mix fruit punch-

And she got this. Very healthy. Very very healthy.

-rice with fried egg and tempe (fermented soybean) and chili sauce-

From the place we ate, we can see presidential palace in Yogyakarta.

And for those food and ambiance, they charged us...

Rp. 37.000,00!!! It means FOUR BUCKS!!! yawyawyaw, welcome to the 4th world country. Money speaks, money not.

Signorefandi, fully in love, in stomach, in closet