21 July 2010

Yesterday I went to Yogyakarta with my dearest friend Retno Un to go shopping!

That day was started with healthy traditional tonic called Jamu Gendhong..

Tasty, healthy, and the things that I like much, buying local means supporting local economy ;)

We went to Mirota Batik, a big ethnic shop selling handycrafts, statue, batik clothes, so on... Check these out...

Mask, paintings, musical instruments, antiquities, and even traditional kitchen utensils. See? Indonsians are creative. Kitchen utensils as your deco items? Only her you can find'em ;).

Guess how much this cool glasses. Each.

5 cents. I mean it. 5 stars-strips $ CENTS!!

And this pretty mask is soooo iconic...

I bet, guys, for $1mil, if you see thois one, you'll feel itchy down there ^_^

Whaddaya feel? Whadda ya want? 7? 8? or 20 inches? Hihihi... Keep dreaming guys..

ps. I grab some, every size. Envy me?

Signorefandi, scratch the itches ^^