28 October 2010

Hmmmm..... Love it love it love it...


Point my fave. 02.17/03.58. Freedom of choice and existence.

Many felt she is stupid, ugly, useless, worthless, or not valued. This song tells how one must feel that she is unique, interesting, worthwhile. Not from what she wears, not from what she has, but feeling comes from heart. Many people do try to show up by wearing branded clothes, always following the trend or changing, in order to be accepted. Designers create a variety of clothing that is an outpouring of art that represents the soul of a variety of emotions and beauty, but that does not mean wearing it will always be visible or make ourselves attractive. There are many other things. Confidence. Appreciating yourself.

So, even though you can't afford a Dior bracelet or D&G necklace, it doesn't mean you are not a firework. Well, they both are shining, sparkling, and wonderful, but if you don't feel so from inside you, I mean YOU, the inner you, everything else will be nothing.

Thanks, Katy. Even though you prefer Brand-ed man ;)

Fellas, you don't have to marry in India (or marry Cool Brand) to inspire.


Signorefandi, has ever felt like a plastic bag. No no, I already recycle it.