15 November 2010

It's said by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. Brilliant.


     "Look at how ridiculous these women are, wearing clothes by a man who doesn't know women, never had one, and dreams of being one!"

I think that's what's happening now. Well, I can say It's okay to be in a process of finding the 'so you' style. Bohemian, Classy, Rock, Glam, Black, Cheerful, Simple, Chick, Edgy, you name it. But sometimes, women (and men) don't even know if what they wear something look so bad (yet tawdry !!!) on them, either is because of lack of sense or lack of care. You don't have to be a fashion editor or stylist (which is difficult) to be able to pick, mix and match millions of fashion piece-clothes, pants, accessory, shoes, perfumes, etc. But please, if you ARE a celebrity,  A-Lister, bloggers, actors, actress, HIRE a stylist if you're more than once criticized because of your choice. At least, hire them to consider your own picks. Listen to stylist. Listen to editors if you think you're still amateur. And most importantly, listen to your HEART, instead of your pocket. You can buy $3k coat+$200 shirt+ $ 700 stillo + $ 400 pants + $ wtvs lace underwear but still look ridiculous. However, some are NEVER failed. Valentino for women, or Brioni for men ;)


The second point is, MEN DESIGNER (recently followed by his admirer and worshiper-fashionistos, bloggos, and sissy boys). It's not wrong or mistaken, if a MAN wearing meant-to-be womenswear. It's happening now, when a MEN thinks it's better to wear womenswear. Smaller size, more blink-blink, more fabulous, more chick, blah blah blah... Well, gender is between your ears, and sex is between your legs. So, having a nine-inch meat down there doesn't mean you ARE male. Or man. It can mean that, but not a must.

Designers have a particular power to define whether their collection (or what they wear) are the representation of their idea, or vision. But nature has its own limit and border between men and women. It's relative, the border. You can say it's for men, women, or unisex. As I got from Madame Chanel is, many 'male' designers dress like women, dreaming of being one. It's just not good. Like a lack of idea and creativity to create something more appropriate. But so far, designer is the ONLY party that is allowed to wear ANYTHING. Literally anything, even just a mist of perfumes. Or au de toilette. Or Chanel No.5. 

SignoreFandi, Go Coco!!