3 April 2011

Oh my. Oh my. I'm virgin in models. I mean, I never slept with or knew models IN PERSON. Now I think I'm gonna start a new section of my blog, Breathing Manequin.

His name is Mateusz Rogenbuk. Polish. Tall, dark hair (then turn blond later), and so so nice.

First I met him on a particular social networking (among lots lots lots of them). When he said he'd be visiting Jakarta, we planned then to meet. Then we met at Sisha Cafe in Kemang, Jakarta. I asked my dear friend Arvi to accompany me, since, you know, it's really dangerous I can tell, to meet stranger who's 20 cm taller than you.

Mateusz, in simple T-shirt and legging (!), me in D&G white shirt, Arvi Bastian in Massimo Dutti Olive Green Coat.

This is the thing. I didn't know that he's a model. He said he's coming to Indonesia for vacation. 

Later, here means few days after, we talked on Facebook. Then like nosy people, I goggled him. And I found out he's soooo everywhere. Seriously. Poland, Russia, Paris. Gosh...

I embarrassed my self by asking, "Why aren't you modeling? I mean, you have model body." Tsk tsk tsk..

Then few days later again, I found out he's EVERYWHERE. Like, really. EVERY magazine, fashion spread, you name it. In every magazine from computer magazine to Bazaar.

His agency is POSH MANAGEMENT.

Well, the biggest achievement was being on the cover of Men's Folio Indonesia. Even though I think it's too much photoshoped, I like it how he got that only in very short time.

Mateusz in Burberry Prorsum

Hallelujah. He is. Million $$$ baby.

I have one favorite photo of him.

photo by Arseto Adiputra

And this is how he looks when he got dark hair.

So thin and tall and white  I'll kill for his body.

There's a short movie made by Lukimages. Very very very beautiful.


Signorefandi, knees weakened...