18 April 2011

Here I am. Bali, Indonesia. Just arrived at my hotel, one of the coolest hotel I've ever stayed. Hard Rock Hotel Bali. Well, you know it's gonna be full of music. This rock-themed hotel is so hype ^^

Just like what they say on their website, "Rockin' Tots to Grunge Grand Dads, the hotel is here to rock yer socks off!". Ha!

This hotel is just one step away from Hard Rock Cafe Bali. And other cool places to dine and dance, such as Starz Diner, Centerstage, and The Shack.

I like this gigantic guitar and radio in front of the hotel..

OMG I'm so exhausted that I'm not into writing now. I just wanna sleep now. Bye for now. More posts follow...

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