4 May 2011

What is one of the benefit of joining in a gym? Yeah, healthy and fit body. But for me, it's more into the eye-candy thingy. Hahaha...

I knew this guy from gym. Let me introduce you. Santiwaine.

I met this guy at my gym Celebrity Fitness. He kept looking at the yoga studio, which is my sanctuary at gym. This is what I signed up for, the yoga. The rest? I call it complimetary facility. Once, he was attending yoga class, and sitting RIGHT BEHIND me. Seriously, it was the 'worst' yoga session of mine. Not because he needs more space that he takes mine, but, oh come on. How can you concentrate in such thing as yoga if there's 6'3" brazilian hottie behind you? Me can not.

Santiwaine in Tripod Pose @ W Residence.

Later, we met again. Thanks to my sister Deera (the yoga instructor @ gym).

Santiwaine, Deera, and Me @ Takigawa Japanese Restaurant

Greg, Deera, Me, Santiwaine @ Segarra Beach Restaurant

Santiwaine and Me, at BBQ party. Photo by Vickaboo

And he's an animal lover too. Uhh..

Santiwaine @ Taman Safari Indonesia

Ok. Enough for his personal life. It's time for his work.

Here are some of clips of his portfolio. Enjoy :)


His video profile from Victory Talent Management, his agency in Jakarta.

Santiwaine by Arno Roca

Santiwaine by Fabio Pamplona

Santiwaine by my dear Vickaboo

Santiwaine and Anton Vasconcellos

Men in Black. As hot as hell.

And of course, one of the biggest achievement is to be on the cover. It's time for him to shine on BAZAAR MEN April 2011.

Photo by Nicoline Patricia Malina

Yet it's not enough, he also became the model for the one-and-only Indonesian singer in American Music Award , Agnes Monica, in her latest video clip, Paralyzed.


Signorefandi, signing up for Brazilian-Portuguese class...