20 May 2011

Last week, I sent messages through Facebook to the promoter who had Bocelli's concert, Java Festival Production, asking about backstage possibility. I inboxed some people. I didn't get replied. Then I got the bravo Beaujolais-like backstage opportunity by his management. 

Then few hours ago, I just got my message replied by one of the promoter, saying that he just received my message on his Blackberry. "...(the) message just popped up on my screen..", he said. 

Owh.. Okay. I thought BB is 3rd millenium enough to receive message instantly. I don't know. I'm not using that bulky phone (yet). Maybe later. Maybe not. 

Then I replied, "It's ok. I got the backstage, though.. Thanks for bringin him here". Which I meant it. Really. 

Well, bringing such big artist like Andrea Bocelli is so huge an accomplishment. Big thing. Moreover when they just got ONE SINGLE month to prepare it. You all can imagine how difficult yet challenging it was. 

Anyway, thank you very much for unforgetable experience. The front stage, I mean. Not the back one ^_^ You guys did it awesome.I love you guys. So, next time, invite me to backstage without me asking for it.

Signorefandi, love the friends, fans and foes...