21 May 2011

This is one of my fave movies. Bear City. When I joined in Q Film Festival (LGBT festival) in Jakarta last October, Bear City screening was one of most crowded session. And because there are some scenes that apparently not for under age (like me! I was 20, and that movie is categorized 21+. Ha! I love privilege), when there was protest against the festival (reminder: I live in 4th world country YET most hypocrite one), Bear City was one of the canceled movie from the list. Some venues canceled their support as well. Hallelujah-ly, the show went on, and proudly said, till the very last second. The reason is, living in such country as Indonesia, the more sick so-called-religious people protest against something, the more other people curious, interested, and eager to see ^_^

Claiming the movie as "Sex and The City With Fur" (which is so true), the production team puts the movie into sequel: Bear City 2!

Photo credits: Nathan Butera (Wharf); Provincetown Tourism Office (Bear Week crowd on Commercial Street)

So here it is. Casting Calls!

Casting calls for a small number of Principal roles, additional Secondary roles and numerous Background Talent (Provincetown and NYC, all adult ages, races, body types, men & women) will be announced on this facebook page and website soon. Professional actors seeking auditions for Principal and Secondary roles will require a standard packet: headshot, reel, and resumé. For Background Talent (i.e. extras), only a headshot and clear full length picture will be requested. Submission and contact information will be posted with casting call notices in several weeks. You can also join the casting alert e-mail list by sending a one line message stating which categories you are interested in (Principal, Secondary, Background) to:

So, for those who live in Ptown and/or NYC (certainly not me. I live half globe away from both. Being in this movie will be such an honour (and pleasure) for bear lover like me, though ;) ) you can take part of it by registering for the Provincetown Bears' renowned Bear Week, July 9th-17th. They're going to coordinate with Bear Week people, that they will include some scene on the event for the movie. So, many people at BearWeek and in Ptown may end up on screen!

For more information about Bear Week, tap here. For information about Bear City, tap here. You can see the trailer, buy the dvd or download it, and the coolest one, you can also support the community. I called it cool, because your name/photo will get in the credits in the movie like the cast and crew! You don't need to have bajillion $$$ to show your care and support. Tap here for details.

FYI, the first movie is sooooo successful. Here is the award list of Bear City:

-LA Outfest Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Screenwriting (Doug Langway and my dear friend Lawrence Ferber)

-LA Outfest Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Actor in a Feature (Stephen Guarino)

-Audience Award for Best Feature at the 20th Annual Oslo (Norway) Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

-Jury Award for Best Feature (Fiction) from the Andalucía (Spain) International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

-Jury Award for Best Men's Film at the Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

-Jury Award for Best Feature Film 2011 Stella Artois QFest St. Louis

Many people are looking forward to seeing the sequel. It's kinda hard, people, coz usually the blah-blah-blah 2 or blah-blah-blah 3 and so on are not as good as the 1st one. But I'm sure, with the fabulous furry team like that, they will make hairy story will be even more romantic!

So, papa-mama-baby bear, ready to raaaaooorrrr?

Signorefandi, praying the apocalypse in States is not on 2012. At least, lemme watch the movie first..