1 June 2011

It's been long time I'm not coming to a BBQ party. Few days ago, I was invited by my fellow Santiwaine to his farewell party.

Hosted by Santiwaine and Thiago Copetti, the party was full of walking manequins like them. :)

What would you like to eat? Your choice, your choice...

In every pool party, the should be someone who becomes victim to be dragged to the pool. But we sometimes forget that he might carry something fragile in the pocket. Ha!

Boris Ergeshev. With red eyes :D

Me and my friend Valentina Ayumi. She's an instructor (body pump!) at my gym Celebrity Fitness. Look how strong her arms ^^

Thyddi, Natalia, me, Gregg 'Double-trouble' Dodds, Rafael Z., and Adam Santiago.

Thyddi, me, Nat, and Rafael Z.

Me and super-nice Natalia. And look at her full make-up. Awesome.

Thyddi, the host Santiwaine, Adam, and Rafael Z.

It was a great party. I really had lots of fun. Surprisingly, it was not like what I thought, about the models. They are so friendly and nice. Some are very smart, but overall, they're good friends to chat with. And the boys, well, male models are the only str8 men on earth you can talk about fashion all the time without feeling uncomfortable or something. Just saying.

Thaks, Santiwaine. Like I said, it was a farewell party. I pray and wish the best for him, his career in modeling, and his (also my) friends' success.

Signorefandi, models beautify the world...