3 June 2011

Today (sooo late) I got a copy of deutsche Vogue Juni 2011. Thanks to my dear Marco Jehle, for bringing me my first-of-my-own-and-not-borrowed-or-second-handed-ever Vogue Deutsch!

On the covers are Karolina Kurkova and ihre sehr schönen Mann, Archie Drury.

What I really like when I saw this cover for the first time, is the only ONE SINGLE WORD on it. Liebe, means Love in English. Usually, when you get a copy of a highly-prolific magazine, you'll read many many other things revealing what's inside, and sometimes they cover almost all part of the model's face on the cover. I mean, what is the function and purpose and point of $1 mil. of photo shooting for cover if you just want to cover it with WORDS?

Christiane Arp, die Chefredakteurin der deutscher Vogue, is my fav now. Oje, I want to work for Vogue Deutsch someday.

Christiane Arp, Karl „der Große“ Lagerfeld, Baptiste Giabiconi, Claudia Schiffer; photographed by Michael Brunner

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Signorefandi, Ich liebe dich, Frau Arp!