6 June 2011

Wohoooo... This is it! The first-time concert of Kylie Minogue!

I jump! I scream! I love it!

Kylie had been 'idle' for 3 years before releasing her newest album, and now she's having a tour titled "The Show Girl Returns-Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Les Folies Tour 2011".The promoters, for this concert are EC Entertainment and MP Enter.

Even EC Entertainment in their website says this concert is as The Most Amazing Show on Earth! I'm so excited!

Rumoured to bring 200 outfits and 100 pairs of shoes (!), she's gonna rock! And since all of them are from Dolce & Gabbana, this concert is, I am sure, gonna be theatrical, amazing, and unforgettable.With 14 feet of golden Pegasus statue, golden horse and carriages, flying dancers and angels, and all and all and all, what do you think of how it is gonna be?

Tickets are available at Rajakarcis, IbuDibjo, and Disc Tara store. Go get it! Grab some. Ask your lover, friends, parents, siblings, neighbours, ALL people you know! Or surprise some strangers with free tickets!  :)

Signorefandi, The Concert Boy Returns..