29 June 2011

First gurl on my model-friend. Meet Natália Campos. She' s from Brazil.

She has the perfect smile. She's really nice, humble. Rare in (oftenly) arrogant model-world.

We met firsly at BBQ Party (I can say I met many many many models there). I was like a glut asian cat, surrounded by hottie hottie body all over the pool side. Ha!

Here are some of her portfolio that she personally sent me thru e-mail.

And she looks georgeous in her travel photo shoot. Even in real vacation.

Nat in Bali. Beautiful gurl, beer, with mountain and lake as beackground, what do you say less?

In Jakarta, she got a Chanel fashion show, which I call, super cool. It's not the same with Paris runway, but still, it's Chanel. No matter where, Chanel is Chanel. Superb.

Signorefandi, not need to go blond to be sexy...