27 June 2011

Have you ever been in a carnival? Not join it, just see it?

Yesterday was my first time. It's Solo Batik Carnival 2011. It's the 4th carnival, and it's the first time being held at night. Creative, since if it's in the day time, unlike Mardi Gras or something like that, here people are PUTTING their clothes ON, it would be flooding of sweat.

They wear something beyond clothes. Every single one is unique. And all of them contain Batik clothes on it. As Indonesian signature, Batik Indonesia is so popular now. We even have batik day, where every govt officer is mandated to wear batik. Bringing "Amazing Legends" as its theme, I describe this carnival as an incredibly magical and fabulous folk festival. Well, I think in this case, pictures tell you more than my words..

The crowd. It's along Slamet Riyadi Boulevard, the main road in the city. 4 miles long.

The royal..

Putri Indonesia 2010 (literally means Miss Indonesia, but here we have other pageant called the same, so we have both Putri and Miss)

 The thing that I adore is, they are young. Batik is so old and traditional. They just somehow combine it, becoming amazing clothes, headpiece, shoes, etc etc.. Look classy, and modern.

Signorefandi, batik is my fetish..