10 July 2011

Oh. She's so adorable. Let me introduce you, to a very cute lady, Anzhela Filipova. First time I met her, I was like, is she REAL? Haha.. My dear, Anzhela. Forgive me for acting whimsically.

As a person, she's really nice. As nice as a Russian can be. Hehe..

On pages, she's wonderful.

And this black-white fashion spread is one of the best in its kind. It's simply wondrous!

These following pictures fill my wallpapers-desktop, cellphones, tablets- for days. Many days.

With her petite body and iconic face with gloomy face, I think she's perfect for couture dresses. Chanel, perhaps? Was denken Sie, Onkel Karl?

Signorefandi, I would say yes if I were you...