15 July 2011

Do you remember the concert I attended last year, when I lost my camera?
This is the answer. David The-Hitman Foster is BACK!!!

It's sooo rare that such great musician as David Foster, is coming to such not-musically-so-entertaining country as Indonesia, TWO TIMES, TWO YEARS IN A ROW! Titled "David Foster & Friends: Hitman Returns", this is gonna be his 3rd time performing in Indonesia. I don't know if he visits Indonesia in secret for vacation like other A-listers do. The 1st and the 2nd was many many years in between, but the 2nd to the 3rd? One single year. Finally somebody sees Indonesia is a good market for music. A smart and classy market, I mean.

For those who couldn't go last year, you guys can visit some tickets booth to get it. Visit for details. Or if you are in Jakarta, go to BNI Gallery in Wisma 46, Senayan City, Central Park and Grand Indonesia. For more info and questions, refer to birdy account of the promoter, Blackrock Entertainment: @BlackRock_Ent. Go grab it tomorrow before it's sold out! Somehow I believe it will be, due to the relatively-affordable tickets the promoter set.

It's amazing. I can't wait to see him again. And this time, he will be bringing Charming Charice Pempengco, Parhelion-voiced Philip Bailey, Remarkable Russel Watson (oh his look is so killing!), and, special performance by Michael Bolton!

How awesome does it sound?

Let me tell you this. This is gonna be different. There will be some surprises. I hate surprises, but I feel inside somehow I will like it.

So, ready to swap your Visa? Not a hard swipe, this time. Promise. The reasons are, (1) The demand of David's concert is so high, recalling that last year many people could not go because the price of the tickets were quite pocket-divulging, (2) The promoter is quite new here, so they invite David and friends to promote their company. Besides, if you think it's still expensive, it's so worth it I believe. Some Benjamins is almost nothing compared to world class concert like this one.

But this time, not only the music why I'm coming. Do you know The David Foster Foundation? It's a foundation related to life-saving organ transplants and non-medical expense support. I have a tragic history involving organ transplant (I'll share it with you someday, when I'm ready), and I want to put some referral  on my blog, so I need to find out more about the foundation. It's for Canadian and US families, but if it's good for humanity, why should we do nothing but spreading and be supportive?

Signorefandi, music for every extra second in my life...