24 July 2011

If you think most of models are tall, blond, and stupid, you gotta meet (and talk with!) this guy. Greg Dodds. Seriously. He's a good friend to talk about politic, economy (he frankly said he's a communist), culture, etc. etc.

We firstly met in a yoga session with my friends. Just like in Santiwaine case, it was difficult to concentrate. Me, teaching this time. I did good. Just good. He did quite well.

Greg in Halasana - Plough pose

As usual, after yoga, we have heavy dinner. Eat, chat, smoke.

Me with Flamboyant, my yoga gank :)

Me and Greg. Guys, it looks like it's my hand on his arm. It's not. It's his left hand. I wish it were mine.

Now, this is how a smart model looks in photo shoot. Amazing

And if you think he can't be sexier, this is another fact. He's also  a DJ. A Deeehhh Jay!

Greg in action.

Tall, blond, smart, good looking, DJ, and yogaholic. Uhhh...

Signorefandi,  I love my job. :D (as a blogger, of course)