11 August 2011

I took my friend, Adamova Zoya to airport today, with her russian fellas Anzhela and Kate. It was crazy, since she wanted to get her new tattoo retouched.

After long long way to find the tattoo studio (and Starbucks stop by), we're there.

She already got a tattoo on her left ankle, and she wanted it bolder..

The problem is, like other people who want have a tattoo, we (I do have a tiny one) want the tattoo, ONLY, not with the pain of the tattoo making. It HURTS, I'm telling you. And in this case, not only Zoya who's in tears, but all the girls. Zoya was so scraed that she needed Kate to hold her. Lol..

I took a moment with my camera, when Anzhela, who at first wa taking photos of the tattoo-ing, later turned looking scared too, when she was looking at Zoya screaming. For me, it's kinda funny... Anzhela, I mean.

Mmm...It's hard to write about the next. We went to airport. Zoya is a very nice girl. She's a really good friend. Hard to let her go. But she left a good memory, with the tattoo drama thingy. Hiks..Hiks..

Signorefandi, last minute..precious...