18 August 2011

Photographer and model in one single body? Here he is.. Americo Cacciapuoti. I know I know. Maybe some of you will think he's from United States Barrack Obama, but from his accent, I knew he's from somewhere south. You know, Spain, or Spanish-speaking countries, or Italy. I was right. He's from the land of fantastique food, ahhmazing art, sophisticated sex, and Musketeer-ish men. Benvenuto in Italia!!!!

He's the first of Italian that I've met among lots lots lots of others-mostly Brazilian. I'm soooo glad, that even the name of  my blog, signorefandi, is in Italian. I love Italy. I keep telling people that my body was born in Indonesia, but my soul was born in Italy.

You can call it love at first sight. I will admit it, that I love his EYES at the first moment my brain cells responded to what I was seeing. Killing, so dark, sadistic, fierce. The rest? You know Italian. They are ALWAYS perfetto!

Italian with fur? Uhhhh...

Americo Cacciapuoti by Simone Marigliano

This photo describes what I say about his eyes.

These two, are showing how Americo looks when he's "smooth". Italian with no beard?

What do you say?

For me, it feels like spaghetti without Bolognaise sauce, or worse, Lasagna without cheese. But his mole makes him even sexier, just like Kate Winslet, Cindy Crawford, or Mama Monroe. I didn't notice it till I see that picture.

Sometimes, from a particular angle, he looks like Rob Patz. With a (much) better body of course. And personality too.

Anyway, as usual, I will put some pics of the models in suit.

I love the ribbon tie. I will try it sometime.

Talking about personality, this man got humble, funny, and friendly one, waaayyy far from his look. And when other models don't dress up in normal life, he looks like on runway all the time. Shinny LV leather shoes, dandy look, or in casual way, summer look. Not just ripped T-shirt or destroyed-coz-it's-old jeans. He will put vest on, or a cute hat. He's a model on and off page of magazine. 

But one thing is not so model-esque, he eats. Once, I asked a good-looking designer from Ukraine if he's modeling too, he answered, "No. I wish. I love to eat". Little did he know, many models that I know love to eat too.

As my first word of this post, he's a photographer too. I'll post it later, coz beside this post it's way too long so you could be bored of it (please, don't be), I need his consent to publish his clips.

Signorefandi, oh I'm so dead...