22 September 2011

I'm so excited! The next album of Il Divo, tittled "Wicked Game" is coming soon!

When I check on their official website, they reveal the track that will be included in the album. I can't wait to hear and enjoy the rendition of Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò). After being so overwhelmingly famous by Oracle of Opera, Andrea Bocelli, along with Sarah Brightman, this song I believe would become something big.

It's hard to do big of something that is already huge. Many people are trying to do that. Like bloggers, who now seemingly breed like gnomes, they can not beat blogger like BryanBoy or JakandJill, or even Tavi, if what they all do is just copy-paste some photos from online magz or being shot for the cover of their own unpublished magazine or become a follower without showing something different and unique. If Il Divo wants it to be massive, they gotta put much effort, many promotion (including inviting bloggers like me to backstage ;)), great video clips, or whatever. But if they do just sing it with their style, the popera, without doing something phenomenal, or if dare, controversial, the rendition is just gonna be another version. Not memorable. Not causing uproar.

J'adore Il Divo. I really love them. That's why I really hope (and this time, put high expectation) for their success of the album.

And now, it's time for my job. For those who LOVE them, their music, and ENJOY it, buy the CD. The only piracy that you should support is if it's done by Captain Jack Sparrow. Go to Il Divo Store to get one, or local music store from November 28. Me personally, I will grab 2 or 3 copies, in case I loose it somehow, so I have back-up. You can also pre-order the special package (the album of the song and book of personal photograph) from the website. They have 1000 copies of the autographed album, but since it's first-come first-served basis, I believe you guys can not get it. Just wait 'till they come to your country and go backstage, and ask them personally to sign yours, so you know it's really them who sign it.

I joke.

Signorefandi, wicked..