23 September 2011

I usually never mentioned him on my blog (due to his request), but I think I need to this time.

I just talk to my bf one hour ago. He shared something about his all-time favorite band, Dream Theater. I know I know. Only God and angels know why we match. I love violin, he loves electric guitar. But he always says, music is all about emotion, and emotion is music. There are always similarities and connection in music, no matter what it is. So true. So true..

Then, he told me about him trying new Dream Theater album titled A Dramatic Turn of Events. It was released in Germany on September 9th, and out in States on 13th. He was kinda disappointed because of the new drummer. After the old drummer, Mike Portnoy, leaving the band and move to Avenged Sevenfold for one album, then continuing his own project, they got the new one (by audition) named Mike Mangini. He thinks he is good. Of course he's not the same with Portnoy. But the real problem is, he thinks his playing is so predictable, something that never happened with the previous albums.

At the same time, I got the same feeling with my all-time group singers (I didn't say musician. I'll tell you later why). Il Divo. As I posted before, they released the tittle of the new album. Ok. First, it was Il Divo, 2nd Ancora, then Siempre , the 4th was La Promesa (The Promise), then the 5th is.... WICKED GAME. I thought the title is slipped on banana skin or something. But it's true. That was the first disappointment. I expected something angelic, something smooth, or romantic..

Then the second. I checked the track. I was so surprised that even in the 5th album, they still sing somebody's song. Covering. Well, they translate the lyrics into Italian or Spanish, and change the genre and etc.etc., but still, they don't write their own music. They're just singer, not musician. Maybe it's all they're meant to be.

I don't want to talk about their voice, because theirs are MAGICAL and AHHMAZZING. Their voices are BEYOND. However, I'm still excited to listen to their renditions and to buy their new CD.

I think they should write their own songs. They can share their experiences, hopes, dreams, whatever. The fans will love it, even more if they can relate to the lyrics. There is a big line between singers and musicians. I hate to admit it.  As a princess of a dramaqueen, this is very rare that I completely agree with somebody's thoughts. I think this time 100% of what my bf said is something I never thought before and ALL is true. Uh I'm so lucky.


Signorefandi, you think I'm not a dramaqueen anymore? Is it doomsday now?