13 October 2011

Today I saw a very interesting (yet scary) photo on Facebook.

A PhD. is craving for job on a dining table. Ironic, eh?

When people are pursuing diploma or bachelor or master degree, they still don't know what the future holds. I can see that many many graduate students are (still) looking for jobs.

What's wrong with this flat world? When education is supposed to help them to make contribution to the society by providing capability and skills, now we're facing the truth, getting a wake up call, that papers and str8-A-GPA are not enough. Then I remember what Oprah said, "Follow your passion and it will lead you to success". And many many many proof that people who don't get Burj-Dubai-high formal education are disgustingly rich and very successful. Oprah herself is the perfect example.

That's why, when I was graduated from a state college and placed (directly) to Ministry of Finance, one year later I resigned. My job was to sit behind desk. Many people around me pity me, throwing away one of most-wanted job in the country. But then what? Being fungi-ed there and dying? I have no passion in there. Maybe I already have a great job and get paid so well that I can even fill my swimming pool with Chanel No.5, but then it will end up in just job, which for me will be similar to jobless. Don't judge me but I think when people are working in some place they can not grow, I would say, "Why don't you just kill me?" When I got my salary cut till almost 90%, in the other hand I feel more liberated. I feel happier. I feel,...alive.

Maybe you can not relate the picture with me "wasting" my job. But my point is, if you already have amazing resumee, but it's actually not your passion, let it go. Follow your passion. Follow your heart. Do your hobby (but I don't suggest it if your hobby is sleeping).

Money has too big a power. I know. But you deserve to be happy as well. If your passion is to serve people, then being a government officer in a little cubicle might fit. But if not, why should insist? World is so wide, broad, colourful, and amazing. Many big people did something big from zero or even minus. And they can because they are persistent, passionate, and patient. People can not (yet) call me successful, but for me, reaching success in life is the ONLY ONE goal. In this case, I can have vacation on the most prestigious places around the world (and also in space ^^), or have private jet, or buying the whole collection of every runway in every season. Ha!

You're confused because of seeing opposition in my words? Good.

Signorefandi, Money can't buy happiness? You just turn to the wrong shop, then...