7 November 2011

Wow. I said long wooooowwwww when I saw these online.

Brazilian footwear brand, Melissa (with double S instead of L like I repeatedly type) is collaborating with Gagagareth Pugh, creating these fabulous footwear-to-die-for. Aileron.

Named after a component in an aircraft ( a hinged flight control surfaces attached to the trailing edge of the wing of a fixed-wing aircraft; I dunno what that means, though. You guys know smart people don't speak english like me), these armour-styled sandals are so Pugh. So iconic that only Gareth imagines it can exsist. 

Ok. Now go to to grab it! Before letter arrangement  which I hate the most called SOLD OUT appear! Cling cling your €85 to get it. So affordable, nee?

Oh, I want every colour of it.

Signorefandi, fashion new, you and you and Gareth Pugh...