10 November 2011

This photograph is AMAZING.

Photo by : Getty

Leaders of leading fashion magazine, VOGUE, gathered in Tokyo for Tokyo Fashion Night Out.

Here they are:

Yolanda Sacristan, Spain; Kirstie Clements, Australia; Anaita Adajania, India; Christiane Arp, Germany; Angelica Cheung, China;Franca Sozzani, Italy; Mitsuko Watanabe, Japan; Anna Wintour, US; Emmanuelle Alt, France; Alexandra Shulman, UK; Victoria Davydova, Russia; Anna Harvey, representing Brazil and Greece; Seda Domanic, Turkey; Myung Hee Lee, Korea; Rosalie Huang, Taiwan; Eva Hughes, Mexico and Latin America; and Paula Mateus, Portugal.

They gathered to support something important in fashion business. They encourage people to appreciate fashion (to shop! yes!!). And I think they succeed.

I think, leaders of the world should do the same. We all have ambition to make world peace. They should gather. And not just to talk or discuss. They should encourage. They should act. Like these wonderful women (why isn't there a MAN as editor-in-chief? I don't know. I hope Charles Townsend and Robert Sauerberg will consider it in the future. Me? Perhaps. Indonesia has no VOGUE at the moment. Yet.) did. Maybe, compared to wold peace, fashion business is just a tiny part, but they are editors, and world leaders are presidents and prime ministers. So they have something what editors don't.

Signorefandi, fashionably inspiring...