28 December 2011

Ohhh... I've never been this excited since I found eBay and!

You all guys know that using internet (I guess it's mostly from Google), you can find almost ANYTHING. Like, seriously. You can find, from how to make a bomb bed to find a date (like me), most confidential data such as national military files, anything.

This morning when I did some internet random (I said, I'm like a rich unemployed boy), I found this.

I can tell, I never laugh this out loud.And many times I laugh at something, not because it's funny, but I never realize a fact that is already there, a truth I never imagine but I already knew.

Tab here ( I say, 'click here' is sooo yesterday. We live in touching era, not again clicking) to go to his YouTube channel.

Things NOT to Ask a Gay Guy was the first video of his that I watched.


It contains five questions. And the answers are really really funny, and they make perfect sense. All of them. (Be ready for the surprise on last seconds... Aaarrggghhhh)

And listen to what his reactions to "Called a Faggot by Stranger".


Instead of fighting against it, he allows the viewers to share their ideas or experiences, recalling that mostly we can not change people's mind, nor we can educate haters and change their understandings.

There's another heavy issue among gays, related to coming out. He also has a video about it, titled "Gay & In The Closet? Watch This...". So encouraging...

And as the top scorer of all, is a video titled "Can You See My Gayness?". He says, "If you can't see my gayness, you can't see me". Ha! Its' so true.I'll share you a story.

Few days ago, when I walked with my girl pals, there's a stranger boy approached us, and suddenly and spontaneously asked my girl's Blackberry PIN (Isn't that scary?). When my girl said no, he asked us if I was HER BOYFRIEND. Me, with long wavy hair and fabulous outfit, as HER BOYFRIEND. Come on guys, are you blind or what? Even from the way I breath and blink, you can identify me I'm not a pussy fan.

His videos (347 so far) are so funny, but they're so honest and out-of-box. It educates people how to respect, care, or even being negligent (if you hate gay people. "Just let us alone", I say). The video owner, named Davey Wavey is a blogger too. His mindboggling blog, contains lots of interesting yet useful information, from gay topics to health issue. You can see how fit his body is (and how cute his face. Ohhh... With naturally blushed cheeks and blue eyes and ripped abs and blond hair, no wonder there's a comment saying, "I only came here for the lack of shirt :D". Well, that's one of my reasons too, from now on). Not only is all joke, some fitness tips and workout tricks are also available there. He also has a fitness YouTube channel. Tab here to check it.

What I really like about him is, he's got larger mind-box than average. With his crunchy vocabulary, I find his way delivering his idea is so creative in a way.Sometimes very hillarious, but we all need to release a bit tension, don't we?

Read his opinion about 'crow’s feet'. It refers to a wrinkle extending from the outer corner of the eye. He says,

I define crow’s feet as a physical representation of all the times that a person has smiled or laughed throughout their lifetime – and I think it’s sexy as hell.You don’t get crow’s feet from pouting, being angry or frowning. You get crow’s feet from all the wonderful, magical and enjoyable moments in life. In that way, I think these wrinkles are badges of honor. As far as I’m concerned, the more crow’s feet, the better.

It seems strange to me that so many people are set on reducing these wrinkles through creams, injections and surgery. If anything, you think people would be thinking of ways to deepen their lines and creases as to make them appear friendlier and happier.

Because I so deeply value laughter, happiness and smiles in another person, crow’s feet are officially my new fetish.

What say you about his different point of view?

Signorefandi, genuinely genius gorgeous gay...