17 December 2011

Big news! Karl Lagerfeld will launch his novel collection (novel not books. Here means 'new') on Net-A-Porter, one of my favorite online shop (yet most trustworthy), on January 25, 2012.

My favorite look.

From the sneak peek, I can see that his collection will be better than his collaboration with H&M. With bold lines and cutting, it's definitely on my what-to-buy list.

You can sign-up for the latest info about the collection. You tab here. You also can download apps for resembling-Karl photo edit. You can Karlify your photo, submit it, and Karl will pick his fave on January 25. But please, don't apply that application on your dog, cat, or other creature. Put YOUR photo. It's not good, seeing those iconic things (black sunglasses, high collar, and silver hair) played in impolite way.

And there's another app games, Find Karl (Karl version of Pac Man), where you can win up to £1000 to shop on Net-A-Porter! How cool! ^_^

Since I lost my iPhone, and I'm not using other Mac product, I can't use it. But you, who have those bitten apple, you can!

Signorefandi, I'm Kompletely Karlified...