15 December 2011

Ahhh... Call me addicted to Brazilian models. Including this one. Thiago Copetti. I can tell, he's FUN! He's not like other models who are sombre-in-the-beginning-the-turn-out-so-friendly. He is super friendly since the first second. He even introduced himself first when we met. Whereas, I came to his place. It's supposed to be me introducing myself first, I guess?

First, like others, we met at BBQ party he hosted months ago.

He's got a character. And he's so funny. With his limited English (sorry, Thiago ^_^) and he's trying to speak Bahasa sometimes, he always cheers us.


Well, on screen, he's amazing too.

Thiago with other models, as you see, in Etro.

and this, is my fave. Thaigo with a truck of hotties in Gucci.

When he's having fashion show or something, everybody (gurls and mothers, and me) are screaming and clicking taking pictures. Wkwkwkwk..

Thiago in Versace

The next one, I remember it very well. I took this photo. He asked me to take the photo when he's jumping onto the pool. Look that the pose suits with his motorbike tatto. Hahaha...

Thiago. Photo by: Vickaboo.

And for putting these following pictures, I gotta take my shirt off, feeling a bit heat over here >.<

Thiago in suit. Love it.

Thiago on runway.


One more thing. He cooks! Well, it doesn't taste like restaurant food, but who cares if the food was cooked by such hottie? ;)

Me and Thiago (with many other models, cooking at the kitchen at his residence)

Signorefandi, how does it feel being in Sao Paulo, I wonder?