15 December 2011

It's the first time for me, publishing a blog post with co-editor. My first co-editor ever, Vergha Candyda, selected few from plenty numbers of photos. And I picked a model profile of Thiago Copetti, because as I said, he's so special. Well, it's kind of experiment how if I so-called work with someone else.

Vergha Candyda: He's down-to-earth. And phisically, he's not too much. Just perfect.

I didn't resize, retouch, or anything else to those photograph. As is.

And I can say, I don't like (for now) working with co-editor. Mmm, maybe because she's not really into it. I already asked her few times to help me to be a co-editor, but it's just today that she's coming. And, maybe because there's no excitement or interest.

Why did I picke her as co-editor? Well, it's just a personal reason. I'm so close to her, and I thought it would be interesting to have somebody else involved in my blogging. For now, it doesn't work. But it doesn't close the door.

I said it's a priviledge. Ha! It's not easy for me to invite outsider to write on my blog, since the reason I write on blog is to pour my thoughts and ideas and experience and so on. So, when somebody's coming in, it feels like I have to sacrifice my idealism. It's not easy. Not easy to blend two different heads into one solid ideas. Not easy to put something I don't like, but then I have to. It's just like what's happening on business and the other field. To become successful, we have to listen and follow, without being drawn. But like I said as well, it's an experiment. Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn't. I one-step am moving forward.

So later, when I ask somebody to work with me, I will really really really consider it. The willing, the knowledge, and most importantly, the passion. Then it would be a real privledge and opportunity for me to learn something more. And to grow.

Signorefandi, mall was open, but nobody's shopping...