7 December 2011

SignoreFandi just released his list for WORLD"S BEST RESORT AND SPA ^_^

So, if you want to escape from these chaotic days, and wanna get recharged, here are the recommendations...

If you LADies are led by Barrack Obama, here are the near options.

1. Auberge Du Soleil — Rutherford, CA, United States

Lavish location, great wineries,  and in-town shopping and dining. It's well-known (for the people who know) as one of the best legacy in culinary. One of the best vacation? Guaranteed!

2. Four Seasons Hualalai Kona — Ka'upulehu-Kona, Hawaii, United States

Four Season is one BIG thing. Hawaii is another ONE. Just combine it and we get PERFECTION. Tropical, isolated, and PLUS the Jack Nicklaus signature Hualalai Golf course. First class dining, snorkeling, massage.

The rest, well, are all outside Stripes and Stars

The first destination of Eat, Pray, Love

3. Four Seasons Bali Jimbaran Bay — Bali, Indonesia

You're wrong. I'm not a member of Four Season marketing department. I'm just a fan of luxury.

Talking about Bali, for me, it is a piece of paradise falling down on earth, separated from other chaos, formed as an island. The magic. The tradition. The sorcerer land. Place of peace. No less.

If you're tired of me, talking about Bali blah blah blah, here is another option if you visit Indo.

4. Amanjiwo - Luxury resort hotel Java, Indonesia

Yep. That's Borobudur temple, you see as view from your dining room, pool, garden, terrace. All your own. God was in great mood when He created this part of universe. I can tell you! They are too gorgeous! I'm falling, I'm falling... Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh.....

Now, my list is filled by the 2nd destination of Elizabeth Gilbert.

5. Le Sirenuse — Positano, Italy

Classy. Luxurious. Calm. Beautiful.

6. Banyan Tree Phuket — Cherngtalay, Thailand

Banyan Tree Phuket, never Regret.

Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts are also available in Indonesia (YES!!), China, Korea (South, fellas), Maldives, Mexico, Seychelles (one of top ten list must-visit of mine), and UAE; and upcoming in India, Vietnam, Portugal, and Morocco. Well, good thing must be spread as far as possible, rite?

So, wherever you're on earth, it's getting easier and easier to get Banyan ^_^

Most of them can be seen and checked in one web. No no. Not Just visit!!

SignoreFandi, dreaming to be oil-company crown prince, to be able to make'em all his play ground...