8 December 2011

What's wrong with being fashionable?

Coat by Chloé, pants by Marc by Marc Jacobs, shirt and bag by Dolce & Gabbana, shoes by Versace.

Photo by: Vickaboo

Some people are so cinical to others who care about how to dress, how to look good. When you take clothes from your wardrobe, you think. You feel. You predict. You picture your look in mind. It's fashion. Like Coco said, Fashion is everywhere. The difference is just how high your standard is, and of course how long you decide what you want to wear. Many things can influence you. Your history, your favorite, your passion, magazine you read, or maybe just the weather. But certainly, there's nothing wrong about being fashionable.

But what is it being fashionable? Is it waering the latest collection? I could say yes. Fashion is so dinamic. When people say they can wear anything they like, I say, no no. You can not just wear something. Latest collection could be wonderful, because designers are not just bunches of people playing with clothes and accessories. They think. They feel. They predict. Just like us.Trend is something different, but not far. Wearing last-season is OK, as long as it's still suitable. It's not only your brain saying somebody is good-looking. You need your heart. You need your taste.

I love women's wear more because I think and I feel it's more beautiful. Playing with many things, accessories, different kind of fabrics and materials, colours, proportion, shapes, and so on. It's fun. 

Being fashionable for me, is to look great. Unique. Or eye-catching. There's nothing noble of being forgetable. Like, when you wear a simple t-shirt and people don't even look at you, or just look at you as human inside clothes. Then it's not fashion. Trend is business, but fashion is art, and always be, and there's no forgetable art. It's long lasting, impressive, and interesting. WIth fashion, people can dramatically change the impression. Fisrt impression, when some excuse-talker say, is nothing, for me it's everything. It's a start. And a good start is always good. The rest could be good even though you don't have a good start, but why not having it good since the beginning?

I always tell, wear something fabulous. You will see how people will value you MORE, even if you're already high-valued. Let say you're smart, easy-going, polimath, polyglot, confident, got a good talent. When you add fashion in you, you're a step closer to be perfect. Eyes are to be amused, not to be hurt by tawdry yet cheezy look. Life is beautiful. And it does look beautiful.

Signorefandi, I love fashion, because fashion rocks. So what?