9 January 2012

I know this models since her early days in Jakarta. She's the first (female) model that I can feel so close in a very few first second. Here she is, Michaela Nováková. She's from Czech Republic.

She was represented by Victory Talent Management when she's in Indonesia.


Here are some clips of her. Very, very, very sleek, clean, slender, thin.


These are amazing.

I think she's got a perfect face, with a very precise proportion. It makes her, well, so sophisticated. :D

This one is the photograph I love the most.

Beautiful in bikinis, chic in casuals, and parfait pour portrait. One more addition, if I may, redundantly spoken, sophisticated in sumptuousness.

In fact, she's incredibly simple in daily wear. Some tees, tanks, jeans, and so on. She's so fun. It's such a great time with this playful and talkative girl.

This following picture, which J'ADORE, makes me smile. Always. 

Me, sandwiched by my dearest gurls, Zoya and Michaela.

Recalling quality time with her, it's like a text in your mobile phone that you never delete. You keep reading it everytime you open your inbox. She's so content. We can share anything. We even shared stories about very private things. Ha ha.. No secrets among girls, eh?

..::What she perfectly models for: LOUIS VUITTON. No doubt.::..

Signorefandi, Michaela, Velmi jsi mi chyběla ^_^