13 January 2012

The cutest male singer from prehistoric period till the end of time, Josh Groban, has launched his brand new music video for “If I Walk Away”.


And if you help to share this video, you can get a chance to win autographed Straight To You Tour Programs to 5 lucky winners that share the video on Facebook & Twitter.

Here’s how to enter:


1). Visit Josh’s Facebook page. Tab here.

2). LIKE the page, if you haven’t already

3). Visit this post

4). Click the Share button

5.) Add in a comment about the video

6.) Post it to your profile to share it with all your Facebook Friends!


1). Login to twitter and tab HERE to post a tweet about the video.

2). Post a tweet using the suggested copy OR edit it to include your own message. To be entered into the contest you MUST include a link to the video, @joshgroban, and the hashtag #IfIWalkAway.

It’s as easy as swapping Visa! All entries must be posted by Friday, January 20th (even though to get the cance to win is as difficult as to pay the Visa bill :P ).

Signorefandi, I'll wish four of you a good luck :)