9 February 2012

It seems like everybody needs to blog. Even the hola vida designer like Roberto Cavalli. I found his blog when I was checking his Facebook Page quite a while ago, but then I decided to wait a bit more before I post about it. You know, with his insane schedule and whole village of people to meet, he seems to have a rare time to blog. Usually, blog is started by unemployed people (or, fairly said, employed people who don't love their job, so they blog instead). That's why I wait because I want to know if this blog is really written by him, not his assistant, not his fans, not his people. It's him, Signore Cavalli himself.

Then, after crazy rainy days of reading and checking, I'm sure it's him (with a little believe that he got a little help with the English version. As I remember, his English is not super, but I don't even care about it. He's genius with animal print, and that's enough for me).

So, here it is..

I hope it will be Signore Cavalli himself, writing the blog. I don't really like a blog with a particular style of writing in the beginning, and when it turns popular, with lots of advertisements and so on, the style of writing changes. Become more eBay alike rather than a personal page.

Anyway, grazie, Signore Cavalli. Benvenuto nel folle e avventuroso mondo di blogging!

Signorefandi, you aint cool if you aint blog...