11 February 2012

Okay. Here's the case. These past three days were chaotic, I tell you. I've been preparing my trip to Singapore for a yoga workshop, and when I told my dear gurl Vergha, I think that's the day of doom. She wanted to go with me, visiting her boyfriend Thiago (yes, Thiago the model. Yes, the Brazilian one. Tab here to read about him). The thing is, she lost her passport (hah!), and I had to accompany her getting the new one. And it was just 3 days before I go. 3 days to prepare every single atom we need, and it involves a federal document. All fingers crossed I'm telling you.

So, here, up 27.000 feet high in the air, I write draft for this post.

Jacket by Chanel, t-shirt by Zara

Ow yeah. We're almost there...

I don't know why there's a bird INSIDE the airport building. Then I remember, birds are EVERYWHERE here in Singapore..

After long long long way to get to River valley, the area we'll stay during our trip to Singapore, here we are, meeting with our so beloved Thiago. We're ready to party (!). We arrive on Saturday night. What else can we help but partying? ;)

More more update will follow...

Signorefandi, never tired of this island..