10 February 2012

I fell from my seat, with jaw dropped for HOURS, when I read this news. This biatch Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively, received Christian Louboutin spring 2012 ENTIRE collections!

Ohh... Many, many, many people out there will hate her even more.

For me, she hits the top of the people-I-curse-with-my-pink-dildo list, after dating Ryan Reynolds (aint into Gosling, so Eva Mendes is safe). After this one, well, if there were list numero zero, then she would be there. But, spreading hatred isn't good for your skin, I heard?

Ok. So I'll just be happy, then. That's what friends do if a friend happy, right? Just be happy as well. And I'm sure the heels are more suitable to her feet than if they're sent to ****** *****. Good luck for the Louboutin, then. I hope your sales point is rocketing like the jealousy of fashion folks.

Signorefandi, Blake, if I were you, I'd start carrying Louboutin too..