16 March 2012

Here's the video of behind the scene of photo shooting for  "The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL's classic jacket revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld"


Sarah Jessica Parker, Georgia May Jagger, Alice Dellal, Maïwenn, Laetitia Casta, Virginie Ledoyen and Akuol de Mabior are all wearing Chanel jacket, by their own way and style, and as described by Georgia, Chanel jacket can be worn in pretty, sexy, or other way. For me, there's always an impression floating when you're wearing Chanel. Elegance belongs to you. Elegantly sexy. Elegantly pretty. Elegantly beautiful.

Chanel jacket has been my passion since long time. I even have a special account in bank, saving for jacket time by time. I save enough, I buy one. Then the circle starts over. Recalling that a jacket can cost you an eyeball, sometimes I day-dream of having a sugardaddy that can buy me the whole collection of Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 Paris Bombay. The jackets are incredible. Watching the show already turns my ego on. Unlike many fashion bloggers say over and over about collection they pretend to love, I mean it when I say I WANT THEM ALL. But my wallet now is still growing, so I guess it'll be decades before it happens, having my wardrobe fully Chanel.

This book will be my other guide to understand the depth of Chanel legacy. People say Chanel suit is boring (even in some novel, a writer wrote that Chanel is scary. I will hire a sexy ninja assassin to hang her on Eiffel, someday when it's legal). I call it exclusive. Barely untouchable. When you wear Chanel, you don't just wear a piece of cloth. You wear a timeless experience.

Signorefandi, mmmm, I have $154. 45 in my Chanel bank account now... T_T