15 March 2012

Here is the full sow of Fendi Fall/Winter 2012


Afar from cryptonetish Chanel Collection, Karl is trying to show (and play) the tribal style. For leather lover like me, this collection is definitely a favorite. I imagine, me as a survivor (same with Chanel, but in survival style), but here with different ambiance. Survival on earth, in prehistoric time, when everything was made by huge help of nature, comes in natural way, with complex combo of some materials (collecting some fabric then combine it in one piece), and I can say, made perfectly. The silhouette, the cutting, the proportion. Well, the colour combo doesn't amuse me too far, but the leather and (raw) fur accent, a bit touch of sophistication, Karl made it so well. I don't love all of the pieces, but many will be my next wardrobe. Either gifted or sponsored, or worse but worthwhile, self purchased.

I don't care if there's a Pulitzer winner says Karl doesn't deserve the Kaiser Badge. Fendi collection proves it wrong. He's trying. And he did it. Again. Just admit it.

Signorefandi, wild stylish survivor..