14 March 2012

I present you cover of Vogue Germany April 2012, Iris Strubegger by Peter Lindbergh.

This cover is very classy, and classic as well. I want to get 2 copies of it. One to read, one to get the cover teared off, so I can get it framed. It looks so natural, so en vogue. These days, it's very rare to see Vogue cover in this way. Usually I see some kinda overphotoshop-ed, doll-ish, or like a window display mannequin.Iris looks very chic, mysterious, and yet, so (surprisingly) androgenic. The spots on her body shows how natural (as natural as it can be for a Vogue cover) the beauty she shows. The deep eyes, the off-shoulder outfit.  The first phrase is even better. Express yourself! That's what a fashion magazine should do, encouraging and empowering people to express themselves, instead of pushing the trends and brainwashing.

I don't like the idea of releasing (revealing?) Vogue cover days and days before the issue date (which is I also think too early), but this time I'm amused. Christiane ist ganz wunderbar.

Signorefandi, can't waiiitttt....