7 March 2012

Here's the full show of Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012.


Louis Vuitton Orient-Express-styled show is AMAZING!

Well, with ideas of showing (it's a fashion show) as many things as possible without looking awkward,  this concept is brilliant. Louis Vuitton, with its renowned position as bag legend, is just right and lucky (Oh! I can't imagine if he moves to Dior) to have Marc as creative director. In which moments and with whom, I'm asking you, can a woman have 3 or 4 bags at the same time in natural look? Yes! In station, with Mr. Porter! That's why I called it a brilliant ideas.Train station makes the whole idea is superb. If you make it as airport, it will decrease the value of classic value that is attached to Louis Vuitton.

Imagine, if you just have a catwalk and girls walking, carrying 2 bags or more, it will look odd, right? So Marc uses porters to help the girls carrying and showing the bags without feeling weird seeing a girl look like a bag saleswoman as seen in Burberry ad campaign a while back.

Signorefandi, who will held a fashion show with theme (or at) harbour? I bet somebody will!