7 March 2012

Here is Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton Fall/winter 2012 show.


Well, this is McQueen, but I don't feel the fierceness as seen in World of McQueen. Not wearable for most of people (they say, "Come on, you can't wear that on the street!" I say, "Well, we walk on the different street then"). The material is stunning, the details were extravagant, but that's it. I see same materials for different shape and cutting. I see,... repetition. Final walk makes everything more clear. I love the visor (soo wide, but who doesn't need full sun protection?) and the heel-less shoes, though.

I don't know what's going on. It's theatrical, but only in the fabric. The decoration is less, so is the music. I expected more.

Signorefandi, I'm missing Lee...