5 March 2012

Remember this post, MODEL - THYDDI FERRELLI ?

Maybe if you read this post yesterday, or the time it was born, you'll see more.

I can tell this post is the most complicated one so far. First, Thyddi asks me to remove the last photo (he carries a New York "Taxi" sign covering his crotch), and you can guess my comment on it (Thyddi, when I'm in NY and need a ride, I'll wave my hands to you). Second, he asks for total removal. Hell no. I will not push a baby back into a mother's uterus. I can change the baby, but not intentionally kill him. Third, the management (Global Models Management) asks me to remove all copyrighted photographs. I mean, come on, this is blog, personal blog of unknown boy from 4th world country. And bajjilions of fashion blogger do that too. Well, I removed it already (for your own pleasure, Sir! I apologize for it). I promise, I promise in my deep heart and brain, I will NEVER forget this. And him. And that management. EVER.

Some people can't see a potential seed. Some people can't predict where the wind blows. Some people can't see how wide a door a man can open.

Signorefandi, I'm a boy, but I'm growing..