1 April 2012

Whoaaaaaaa... This is IT! THIS IS IT!!!

I just finished reading ALL words in ELLE Indonesia April 2012 which consists of ONE THOUSAND PAGES PLUS PLUS!! How crazi is thaaattt???

You know I don't like posting magazines that I dont read. Few cases only I do that. In this case, I necessitate my self to read them ALL, not only the cover or the cover story.

In that articles Mark Ellen (the writer) says that he's the only journalist that ever saw Gaga naked. Ohh...

We all know that Gaga is the Goddess of stage act, combining fashion and all other concept, that, even if she doesn't sing a tone, it's still a quite show. Her childhood, her family, her 'dare-to-be-different- ideas, are all amazing and so inspiring.

The second articles that I love, is this. Article about the only law I don't mind. Law of Judd.

Mmm, lemme tell you this. Picking two (my limit is just two articles!) of my favorites to be posted is sooo difficult, recalling that this magazine is the thickest magazine I've ever touched. It's even thicker than my accounting book atcollege. Ugghhh...

It's 3.5 cm thick! Mmm, if you wonder, my stupid driver spilled his coffee to the edge of my magazine. My precious magazine! Maybe he's bored to live or something. And excuse my tapering finger, hihihi...

So, this one is JUST additional (no complain!) :)

It's about the thing I always scream to all of you. Leave your footprint (and it's NOT referring to Planetromeo account. If you dont know what it is, well, ask me personally ;) ). Write with golden ink on history pages. Be memorable.

Signorefandi, I'll leave rainbow ink..