1 April 2012

Okay. I got many April Fools today, but this could be the finale (almost changing day, now). And the foolest one. I heard  (hopefully a rumour) that Dior will take Kanye West as their new creative director.

I know it's been a big pressure for Dior, one year without creative director, but I believe, that in one year they don't get anyone who's willing to take the thrown, Dior MUST not be that desperate. Kanye is GREAT in music. Not for me, but for millions of people out there who can follow fast-pronunciation (Sometimes my mouth and my fingers are faster than my brain, but not my ears). I love the shoes and bags from his latest collection, though.

This furry bag is sooo on my list (as long as the tag is not as thick as The Row backpack, I'll go for it)

and this python-becomes-victim-for-our-amusement bag

The shoes? I can say it's a wow.

But Dior, Delta India Omega Romeo, is beyond WOW. I mean, if I watch Dior show, it's speechless. Dior is Dior. It can be Dior by Christian, Dior by Galliano, or, recently, the safe-played Dior by Gayton. The last, was quite Dior, since Bill was the right man of M.Galliano himself. So, Dior spirit and artistic DNA is so deep in him.

I think, Mr.West is perfect for creating something Kanye; fun, a bit rebel, chic, experimental (he's still infant compared to other ex-candidates, let's say Marc Jacobs or Ricardo Tisci (or Alaїa, I heard?).  He's not for something dramatic, aristocratic, exclusive, exquisite, or glamorously feminine.

i don't care if he's close to LVMH executive or even all the board of director. We're talking about Dior. We can't just pick someone with 7.107.227 followers on twitter. We need somebody who really knows, understands, and deeply blends with the couture spirit. Dior is not just for ready-to-wear. For a couture lover like me (I'm trying), Dior is where I'm looking up to when I wanna be pleased, just by looking at the silhouette and the fabric moves. We need supreme quality.

Signorefandi, you can't fool me on April 1st 2012. Try again next year...