16 April 2012

I already said on my blog (somewhere) before that I would not draw back my postings. Even more changing a tittle of a post. SO, when I read articles about engagement ring of Brangelina, their decission to finally legalize the xxx, it's contrary with my previous post that Brangelina would not get married until the LGBT can.

I thought they would be standing on their commitment not to be apart (in spirit) with LGBT people who can not tie the knot (well, in my case, there won't be any knot to tie. I'll get married in thong or somehing sexier).

This ring, this People-said-it's-$1 mil ring, which was designed by Robert Procop and the future-groom, is the proof that even A-listers in America eventually need tax relief and other financially beneficial friends. Blame economist.

The ring is just gorgeous. It's not in simple style, but deffinitely perfect. WIth diamond as big as Manhattan, the ring has bold and decisive characters in it. So Angelina.

I realize that the right of marriage belongs to everyone. Including them. I'm just dissapoited. Their pledge not to marry if the homosexual couples can not was broken. Pledge and promise are difficult to hold, sometimes. Think about it 1000 times before you say one.

Signorefandi, don't make the tabloids happy in the following years by breaking your oath to be together forever..